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Goal Setting, and a Recipe: Coconut Cacao Almond Biscuits

  I wanted to talk about goal setting because January really is still a holiday, even if you are back at work…… Kids are home from school, BBQ’s and after work beach swims are part of the daily routine… Most likely we want to keep the holiday vibe going for as long as possible! So, let’s say February 1 is the new NYR start date. Hopefully during January you have at least thought about what you would like to achieve this year, and I hope you wrote it down somewhere in-between… Read more Goal Setting, and a Recipe: Coconut Cacao Almond Biscuits

Soy – It’s Healthy…… Right??

The ploy of soy is a big one. There are so many claims that it has health benefits and is the perfect substitute for animal protein. I used to eat a lot of soy myself, but over the years I have unearthed some hard truths that now make me think twice about consuming soy.

Importance of Metabolism in Weight Loss

What is the role that metabolism plays in weight loss? How can you increase your metabolism to burn more energy and therefore lose weight faster? First, lets look at what the term metabolism means. Basically, it is the rate at which your body burns energy to: keep itself at an even and warm temperature for daily maintenance & bodily functions The metabolic rate of each person is different and directly influences how much fat you use and store.  The good news is, we can increase our metabolism to burn more fat , the bad… Read more Importance of Metabolism in Weight Loss