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Rule # 1: Mix it Up

Alison has lots of great ideas to keep you motivated and fit and healthy.

I Love Food! Recipes from my kitchen

This is my favourite juicing recipe, it may sound a little bit weird, but it tastes fantastic! It’s so packed with nutrients you can feel them go straight to your head and eyeballs…. seriously! 1 apple 1 green capsicum 1 stalk fennel 2 lemon wedges 2 celery stalks You can always mix up the quantities of the ingredients, I like it really sour and lemony and not too sweet but my husband likes it fruitier… So it’s up to you. Have a play around with herbs like mint and parsley… Read more I Love Food! Recipes from my kitchen

I love food! Recipes from my Kitchen

I love food. It took me a long time to accept that. I think the media and the desire for a  ‘perfect body’ encourages very very bad food relationships. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving food, the key is moderation and nutrition. Most nutritious food is delicious, and I’m going to post weekly recipes of exactly that, which are meals that I cook in my own kitchen. Cooking is so rewarding, I’m really loving it lately and it is so much healthier than eating out.  To tie in with… Read more I love food! Recipes from my Kitchen

Full of (juicy) Beans…

Hello World alright! I feel amazing! I have been converted from my regular morning coffees with milk to a litre of water followed by raw vegetable/fruit juice first thing in the morning. Seriously I feel like I could jump out of bed and start exercising right there in my pyjamas when the alarm goes off and even my skin is glowing. (Well much more than it used to be… it’s not quite your peaches ‘n’ cream complexion… YET) I have all this energy… even I don’t know what to do… Read more Full of (juicy) Beans…

I like these!

Boxing your way to fitness

Boxing can do wonders for your cardio routine. It can be done anywhere anytime… other benefits of boxing include… optimal fat burning, toning for upper body etc. Boxing classes are held outdoors with Alison around the north shore.