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The importance of HYDRATION and FAT LOSS

Are you drinking enough water?? Did you know that it is difficult to lose body fat and maintain good health if you let yourself become even mildly dehydrated? Did you know that thirst indicates that your body is already dehydrated?

When your body is denied water ( or any vital nutrient) you body goes in to protection mode. It may tell you to eat when really, it is just dehydrated. Also, it may slow down your metabolism, making it easier for your body to store fat in an effort to retain water for survival.

Simple Fast Weight Loss Rules

This week I started a new job. I wake at 4.30am to be at work by 5.30am. (hence the irregularity in my posts! sorry ;(…)  My whole  routine is shattered, which is exciting but also a really frustrating.  I haven’t found a decent place nearby to get a good healthy bite to eat in my break as I am surrounded by the usual lame city Cafe’s that sell weak coffee and banana bread. (I hate it when a cafe is named so & so ‘Cafe’. I mean, is it really… Read more Simple Fast Weight Loss Rules

Rule # 3 make it a habit

It takes 21 days to make a habit, and only 1 to break it!
It’s Friday night. You have just left work. You have a plethera of events planned for your weekend. You are excited and a little bit anxious about it and you feel that a glass of wine is definitely the best foot to start your weekend off on. You normally do a class at the gym on Fridays – but hey – not tonight. YOu could not be bothered – too much is on your mind.

Full of (juicy) Beans…

Hello World alright! I feel amazing! I have been converted from my regular morning coffees with milk to a litre of water followed by raw vegetable/fruit juice first thing in the morning. Seriously I feel like I could jump out of bed and start exercising right there in my pyjamas when the alarm goes off and even my skin is glowing. (Well much more than it used to be… it’s not quite your peaches ‘n’ cream complexion… YET) I have all this energy… even I don’t know what to do… Read more Full of (juicy) Beans…