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Recipe: A Good Salad

I wish I could write that this salad was my own creation, but it is the creation of my husband who whipped it up for us and probably without a second thought. He comes from a foodie background and knows instinctively what goes well together and how to cook them. What I love about this salad is that is so nutritious and almost 100% raw (apart from the eggs), at the same time it is hearty yet simple. Ingredients : (serves 2) 1 bunch rocket 1 bunch parsley 2 organic… Read more Recipe: A Good Salad

Goal Setting, and a Recipe: Coconut Cacao Almond Biscuits

  I wanted to talk about goal setting because January really is still a holiday, even if you are back at work…… Kids are home from school, BBQ’s and after work beach swims are part of the daily routine… Most likely we want to keep the holiday vibe going for as long as possible! So, let’s say February 1 is the new NYR start date. Hopefully during January you have at least thought about what you would like to achieve this year, and I hope you wrote it down somewhere in-between… Read more Goal Setting, and a Recipe: Coconut Cacao Almond Biscuits

End of Year Strong Sexy Legs Squat Challenge

   Hello everyone! Since summer is here and its nearly 2013 I think we should end the year with a big bang! Shock your body and get results by doing my 30 Squats a day challenge! Feel free to put a photo up of yourself doing your squats on my facebook page. They are the most rewarding body weight exercises you can do and the easiest. Anywhere and anytime. Try doing them in the shower, hanging the washing, in your lunch break whatever! by the end of this month your… Read more End of Year Strong Sexy Legs Squat Challenge