About me: My Story



Having the right personal trainer and the right personalised exercise program for YOU can make or break your goals and your body. Many women try Personal Training and group fitness classes but never reach their goals, or worse, become injured.  A Pilates approach to fitness will change your shape and strengthen, tone and enhance your whole musculoskeletal system from the inside out, (which is absolutely necessary if you have had children) protects you from injuries and provides better overall results, while a strength program will not only be functional for your daily routine and give you plenty of energy, including a faster metabolism, but your body shape will transform into a more athletic physique, providing weight loss with out the muscle loss.

You can experience this body transformation with my Core Personal Training Method & Eating E-Guide Complete Packages. This method of training is centred on a combination of fitness disciplines to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time without damaging your body, your pelvic floor, or your back .

As a kid I was extremely sporty and had competed in Little Athletics since the age of 5yrs thanks to my marathon runner Dad. At 19 I got into mountain biking and following that I decided to study Personal Training &  Fitness, and working at Gyms and teaching Group Fitness classes really helped me come out of my shell and shape who I am today. I started writing this blog and developing my own Personal Training project because I want to reach out to people in my own way. I want to help people achieve the overwhelming task of losing weight, getting fit and improving health. As a young adult I battled with an eating disorder and depression. But with small goals, a passion for bike riding and a determination never to give up and to stay active no matter how much I had eaten the night before, I overcame my disorder.  It was hard work and it didn’t happen overnight,  but I made it. And you can too.

I had my first baby in August 2011 and instructed group fitness all the way through my pregnancy thanks to Preggi Bellies. I am now training other pregnant and post natal women on the benefits of exercising during and after pregnancy within the Fitness Australia safety guidelines. I am also currently expecting my second child in April and I am still teaching Pilates and training most days. Every day I am still growing and learning as an individual, a mum and as a Personal Trainer, and I want to share my journey and what I have learnt about fitness, health, strength, rehab, life skills, dieting, food, weight management, cycling and how you can benefit.  If you are interested in training together, social rides (mtb) or if you have any queries, please do email me at fitly.australia@gmail.com as I would love to hear from you. I am currently also building my website which will make available online personal training, diet advice, women’s health, and pre and post pregnancy related information and programs, for women all over the world!


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