From Crossfitter to Pregnant with Twins

Meet Jade, she is currently in her third trimester and is pregnant with twins. Jade was a regular cross fitter until she fell pregnant. She wanted to continue exercising and stay strong during pregnancy but naturally, growing two babies really took it out of her in the first trimester, so she didn’t end up doing a lot of movement.

She also started noticing coning in her abs from a very early stage, so she began training with me. There’s nothing we can do to prevent Diastasis Recti in pregnancy (especially with twins!) but there’s HEAPS we CAN do to reduce the severity of it. Pregnancy is her pre-hab! 

We also try to keep up her high level of conditioning with things like battle ropes, assault bikes and low impact cardio. To maintain her strength yetreduce the chances of pelvic floor, abdominal and/or back issues (did I mention this super woman is going to deliver her twins naturally?!) we take classic Crossfit movements and workouts & modify the depth, the range, the reps, sets & the load where we need to and incorporate the piston breath into EVERYTHING. We also focus a lot on maintaining her strong glutes to compliment pelvic floor strength, reduce injury to her hips and improve lower body strength. This approach is all ABOUT adaptable training and movement strategies – telling women to 
in pregnancy is downright dangerous. No joke. On the other end of the spectrum, Trainers who are making women scared to pick up a dumbbell during pregnancy is not DUTY of CARE. It’s not preparing her for the biggest physical event of her life – BIRTH!

Having a good background in fitness there’s so much Jade can still do up until late in her third trimester. However, every woman’s exercise experience, circumstances, goals and abilities vary from person to person. For information on how to continue crossfit during (and after) pregnancy click the link below!

Christines Story

Meet Christine. She is postpartum by 3.5years. Her testimonial is more proof that postpartum IS Much longer than the 4th trimester – or first 6 weeks post birth!

”After having Annabelle (now 3) and getting used to the pace of life with 3 young girls to look after, I realised I needed to get back into some regular excursive for my own mental health & sanity! So I started looking for a group to train with near Newport. I was looking for a knowledgeable trainer, relaxed / social / supportive group atmosphere, and training outdoors – I love to get some fresh air.

Real Fitness for Mums, met these criteria and more. About 12 months after having my daughter, my GP had given me a referral to a “Women’s Physio” specialising in pelvic floor issues, but it all seemed too hard / awkward so I never went. Before my 1st session with Real Fitness for Mums, Ali forwarded a comprehensive health / fitness questionnaire, and when we met she asked me a few more questions, and suggested I see a Women’s Physio before starting any sort of medium / high impact exercise. This was the gentle push in the right direction I needed. 

Ali was able to start me off on modified exercises so I could go at my own pace building strength in my pelvic floor & core, before moving onto higher impact and weight barring challenges. It took me a few weeks (and a lot of pelvic floor training) to be able to mentally connect my breathing, pelvic floor, and coordination to exercise. It was a little bit frustrating having to start off slowly, but Ali has been really supportive & encouraging each session, as were the other women in the group.

Real Fitness for Mums is perfect for any mum looking to exercise. Ali’s knowledge, experience, and passion for helping mums regain their strength and fitness really shine through in every session. The classes are small and every exercise is personalised to your level. For me the class times also worked well after dropping 2 children at primary school. There’s even a babysitter at Thursday mornings sessions so my 3 yr old has an excellent time playing safely in the park, whilst I can focus on me for an hour”. 

To book a FREE trial session please email ALI

Term 2 2019 Upcoming for OUTDOOR Group Fitness and Movement for Mums 

This week marks the final classes for term 1!  If you would like to join the classes this term we added an extra evening class and a Saturday Morning class which are appealing to many because it can mean KID FREE time!

We use a variety of equipment and disciplines such as resistance training, body weight training, cardio, pilates, kettlebells to teach you the strategies that will set you up for life to remain injury free, healthy and fit.

The class is designed to help your body heal from pregnancy and birth, and improve your quality of life, whether it’s doing the chores at home, playing games with your kids, or returning to sports, running, weight training or what ever form of athleticism you enjoy by equipping you with all the tools you need to heal and remain injury free for life. –  Come and try us out!

Click the link below to discover the times and locations and to sign up for the Term.

Upcoming Events

Our very first adventure for women and mums happened last Sunday and it was a great success! Some much needed “me time” was enjoyed by these mums and not only that but we spent 2hours in the beautiful autumn sunshine. Did you know that most of people spend less time outdoors each day than prison inmates!? Sunshine and being in nature is proven to calm the soul, improve the immune system, increase Vit D levels, Gut bacteria diversity and increase longevity. Plus it is FUN! Win win!

Come hang with some like minded gal pals for an easy, beginner based adventures. They will be running approximately once per month – ranging from mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and surfing.  Oh and hey, they are completely free! Stay tuned via the facebook page and I have started an adventures page on Instagram (@realfitnessadventures).

I am also excited to be presenting at the next Women’s Health Charity Event in Mona Vale on Saturday May 18th. 

I will speaking and presenting my experience and advice regarding exercising with prolapse! YAY. If you are pregnant, postnatal, female or menopausal … .then this event is for you! Other topics that will be discussed are:

  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy- Understanding your Pelvic Floor, dealing with incontinence and Prolapse
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Fitness and Bone Health
  • Anxiety and Emotional Well-being
  • Sexual Initimacy
  • Career and Purpose and more. 

To book your FREE spot please email

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