What’s Normal and What’s not after Birth?

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So this week I started posting again on Instagram. Now, before you think I’m bipolar, (which under the full moon is true) Let me explain why. 

After quitting instagram and deleting my account, I felt so FREE. Over the months, I definitely felt like I got to know myself better.  However I did miss aspects of it. That account was like my third baby and I love love sharing what I know with the world.

I am one of those people that operates on either on or off. There is no in between. So for me to be able to clear my head and have some self care time out, I HAD to delete it. I had tried changing passwords, and setting limits on myself but the NEVER worked. I regret that I may have taken away some peoples only access to information on women’s health. So that my friends is one of the only reasons I have decided to come back.

I am putting super strong limits on myself this time, before I get sucked back in. I am only posting a couple of times per month (as a pose to twice daily previously) and I am not following back. I HAVE to be really careful about what I am putting into my subconscious. I’d prefer not to have a feed at all. IG always had me feeling like I had someone looking over my shoulder.  I will rarely post videos of my workouts or myself. But I hope that those of you who re – follow, will benefit! And I won’t leave you in the lurch again. (I have in fact been filming more videos as part of the ebook programs, Yay!).

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt like Ive had more space in my brain to look after my face to face business. And I’m happy to say that slowly the classes are growing. It helps that we are finally at SPRING, yet we have only had one day of warm sunny weather!

When talking to local mum recently, we got chatting about pelvic floor physiotherapy (as you do) and she mentioned going to the GP to get a referral to book one and how she hadn’t got around to doing that yet. I tried convincing her and all, and that was that. When I got home I realised, you don’t actually need a referral to see a Physio in Australia! All you need to do is locate one, call up and make your first appointment! If you are on a private health fund, you will be able to claim a portion of the cost as well, but there is no referral process. So what are you waiting for?

And if you need to locate one in Australia, click here.

It’s Womens Health Week here in Australia. As part of this I am having a sale on my Complete Prenatal Program and Postnatal Ultimate Core Restore Program. These are my two favourite programs in the store, and both are currently $20 off until Sunday September 9th! You can take part in Womens Health Week by looking after your own, and by sharing what you know and learn with others! Click here to view the programs.

This info below is a snippet from the Ultimate Core Restore that I have been wanting to share!

Some things we all think are “normal” because they happen to lots of women, but that  doesn’t necessarily mean they are natural. In this article, the term after birth or postpartum refers to anytime in the months, years and even decades after birth. 

So if you are a new or expecting mum, what you see in the left hand column is considered normal to experience any of the conditions/symptoms in the right hand column.


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 1.01.06 pm

If you experience any of the symptoms in the “abnormal” column you need to get advice and help from a physiotherapist and/or Doctor. These symptoms do not usually go away on their own and some (such as bleeding, some hernias, PND etc are life threatening!) 

Much love


xx Ali

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