How To Be More Consistent

When I was much younger I really struggled with this. I was up and down like a YoYo and never thought I would be where I am today.

When I look back now, I feel quite proud of myself for what I overcame. I used to be a binge eater. I don’t really recall when or why it started, but the earliest memory I have is of my dad ( a marathon runner, obsessed with “bad foods”) commented on my eating of a huge iced chocolate milkshake at the age of 14. I remember feeling guilty and FAT all of a sudden and to rid myself of that guilt, I devised a plan of “burning it off” by promising myself to go for a run the next day. And so began a decade of binge eating disorder.

It sounds worse than it was, it really didn’t become full blown until i was in my early 20s, but between 14 and 20 I definitely experimented with laxatives and exercise obsession, which culminated in a serious case of B. E . disorder later on.

The point is, throughout all this time I always stayed true to myself and to my goals.  I absolutely hated the WAY junk food made me feel. I wanted to be a Healthy person. I NEVER let go of my belief that one day I would be rid of this disorder.  When I was strong I would get right back into healthy eating and healthy exercise and that’s when I was happiest. (It saddens me that some people don’t even know how good they can feel with healthy eating and a little bit of exercise). I read and researched a lot. (Overeaters anonymous was the clincher for me). I talked positively to my self when I did fall off the wagon. I consistently got back on my feet again after a bout of Binge eating. And slowly over time I think the bouts between episodes became longer. I learnt to control my temptations and to learn balance.

It was all emotional, so a lot of growing up needed to be done. But I got there in the end.

So what is consistency?  Basically it is the adherence to a course by following the same principles or form.  Even though I was up and down, I was still being consistent.

What Im trying to say to YOU is that :

WE all fail and “fall off the wagon” sometimes. Whether that be in your eating, your exercise routine, your drinking, or anything! Don’t give UP! Just get right back into it the next day like nothing happened.

Do what makes you deeply happy (not momentarily good). For me I was my happiest when I was eating fresh healthy food and exercising. Eating a whole block of chocolate (or two) made me feel momentarily good but I hated myself afterwards. Not just because I physically felt sick, but because I couldn’t function as a normal human being. During an episode I often called in sick to work, avoided all my friends, social events and even eye contact.

Stay consistent in these things, even when life or “issues” get in the way. Just keep going. Following the steps below can make being consistent easier to adhere to.

  1. Make physical activity a part of your everyday life –  make it a HABIT regardless of what happens or how you feel emotionally.
  2. Eat a balanced diet, and make sure it’s enough food, rather than too little.
  3. Avoid smoking and binge drinking
  4. Resist extreme binges of junk food. Treat yourself with a healthy snack instead.
  5. Make sure you get enough rest each night, go to bed early if your baby is still waking you at night.

If you are trying to complete my Ultimate Core Restore ebooks, just keep on going even when you have set backs. The method outlined in these ebooks should be part of the way you exercise for life. This is your consistency. If you want to see results in healing your DRA or losing some “baby weight” you HAVE to adhere to the Core restore principles and the ones mentioned above.

Finally, DON’T compare yourself to others, especially fit insta mums. Get rid of anyone in your feed that makes you feel bad about yourself!


x x Ali

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