Online Workout Videos Now on Vimeo!



Hi ladies!

I have recieved a couple of requests for more videos of the workouts that are part of the ebook Ultimate core restore guide and so on. I sometimes upload to instagram but not very often! I actually hate being on camera, that is why you rarely see selfies and my videos are sped up. But I cannot deny the benefits of being able to view workout routines, not only will you be able to understand exactly what you’re supposed to be doing but also hopefully you will be able to see good technique and form (although I am still a work in progress and have many weaknesses in this area….) and hoping you will feel motivated!

I have included a direct link to the videos of the Postnatal cardio warm up in the Ultimate Core Restore ebook, as well as a Pelvic Floor safe Pregnancy cardio routine in the Fit Mum 2 Be ebook.

Both of these videos and more are now uploaded onto my vimeo account. Vimeo is a free app, available in the app store and I find it very easy to use. You can set up your account by using your Facebook log in. Too easy.

My vimeo account is: or you can try searching for and real fitness for mums.

I hope you find this helpful and brings you a faster results from your training!


xx ali



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