What to Expect When You’re Expecting… a Wellness Event

Our display at LuluLemon Athletica, Warringah Mall

 Have you ever been to a Tupperware, Avon, Thermomix or Clothing party? Probably. Most of us have felt obligated to either attend or host one! Well, an Essential Oils workshop or Wellness Event is similar in some ways I guess, but the difference is that the information &  products are 1000 times more interesting! (not to mention 100% essential for the physical and emotional health of your whole family!!) you are most definitely not obligated to attend or buy anything. In fact I encourage hosts to only invite those who are interested in natural health!

Some of you already know, that I didn’t plan on getting into essential oils. I stumbled upon a market stall run by the lovely Margie from Vitality Oils when Juniper was a newborn. I had never had any contact with essential oils except for the occasional Tea Tree application to cuts and scrapes as a kid.  I was lucky my first experience since childhood has been with DoTERRA. I don’t know if you have tried any other brands or which ones you may currently use, but I choose doterra for a number of reasons.

  1. Doterra source from the origin of the plant – Ie, Lavender is sourced from France, Lemon oil is sourced from Italy, melaleuca is sourced from Australia, thus ensuring the essential oil that is extracted is optimum purity and quality
  2. Doterra oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. As there is no governing body regarding essential oils, anyone can say their oils are 100% pure. This means that most other brands can contain a small amount of 100% pure oil, and fill the rest of the bottle with fillers, alcohol, binders and even petrochemicals! All you have to do is SMELL the difference!
  3. Doterra use a third party to test every single batch of essential oils for their purity, meaning that the therapeutic benefits are maintained and contain no contaminants such as pesticides etc. This testing is done a minimum of three times. There is no other essential oil manufacturer doing this. They are the only certified pure grade oils on the market.
  4. They WORK!

So, here is what a wellness event or workshop usually consists of: 

    • They go for about an hour
    • I ask everyone what they want to learn about at the start so that we can cater for all attendees
    • I Handout an information flyer to follow on with during our Power Point Presentation 
    • A few testimonials on how they’ve changed the lives and health of me, my family, & others I have shared with
    • Everyday uses for the oils such as boosting the immune system, digestion, sleep, stress, headaches, etc and handouts on all the oils in the Essentials collection
    • Why they’re different to other essential oils
    • How to use them aromatically, topically and internally
    • How to safely use them for all age groups
    • How to use them safely throughout pregnancy, postpartum, on babies and for balancing emotions 
    • Quick demo of how to make a natural multi-purpose cleaner
    • Access to all of my books and resources for everyone to use
    • At the end we go around to everyone and help them with their everyday health concerns and questions
    • Sampling my range of oils topically and aromatically and tasting some healthy treats made using wild orange oil.

 You will also receive a Host Thank You Gift:

Free mini wellness consult- We can chat about what is going on both physically and emotionally (if you want to) a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange Essential oil, Plus as the host you get to Choose one of the following gifts:

  • Modern essentials book
  • Essential oils for pregnancy, birth and beyond book
  • Free diffuser
  • Introductory kit (three 5ml bottles of oils: Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon)

The event usually turns into a social get together & I usually end up giving out personal training advice, Pregnancy & birth advice,  healthy eating advice & how to remove toxins from our environment too! 

Amount of Attendees:

I don’t usually ask for a certain amount of people to attend the workshop but most people usually have at least 4 attendees, with an average of 8 in a workshop. I can cater up to 20 guests per workshop though, however getting through everyone’s questions in a group this big definitely takes up more time! Everyone in attendance walks away with something – whether it be the opportunity to become a business builder themselves, a free gift, knowledge and information on how to treat common illnesses for the whole family, and everyone leaves with a better frame of mind due to the powerful effects of the essential oils on emotions!

How do you invite people?

I’ll provide you with a digital invite for you to use on social media or email to friends and family, work collegues etc. Pretty much invite anyone that you can think will benefit from the oils or loves health and wellness!

What if we do not live in the same city/state or country?

Never fear. DoTERRA is in 11 countries so far and fastly growing. The potential to share with others is huge and Wellness events can be catered for! Technology has made this work really well!

Overall there is nothing to lose and there is nothing to be afraid of by hosting or attending a workshop. Its a great opportunity to catch up with friends and gain some valuable tips for a healthy family! 

The only request I make, is to provide a jug of water and some glasses so that everyone may try a glass with lemon oil!

Feel free to get in touch via email fitly.australia@gmail.com if you’ve got any more questions that I may not have answered here.

Ali xx

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