My Daily DoTERRA 

I’ve seen a few of these kind of posts going around and so I thought I’d share mine. It’s a great way to learn how to start using if you are new to DoTERRA essential oils too. 

Since I’ve been using essential oils my health has seriously improved. I’ve always used natural health products to treat all and any of my health issues, and over the years I’ve managed to improve it from having leaky gut, fatigue & depression, under the care of a naturopath. However I still constantly caught colds and my anxiety was getting worse over the years despite being on herbal adrenal support all that time. 

Essential oils have bumped me up from being and feeling “good” to feeling “amazing”. I don’t take the adrenal herbs anymore. I have had one cold in the last 9months. I feel happy, focused and excited about the future. This is completely and utterly due to the amazing purity of the therapeutic grade EO’s by DoTERRA. There are no other essential oils on the market who can claim their oils are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG). Each batch is tested several times by a third party as to their purity and contain absolutely no fillers, pesticides or additives. All you have to do is smell the other brands to compare, after that the other brands don’t even exist in my mind. 


Our daily routine consists of what seems like quite a lot of oils, however in reality it’s as simple as dabbing a drop here and there or adding a drop or two to our drinking water. First thing in the morning – 

  • My husband and I both pour ourselves a glass of water with 1-2 drops of lemon oil and grapefruit oil (Detoxing, alkalising, cleansing, antiviral, good for skin, antibacterial, fatburning, stabilises blood sugars and reduces cortisol in the blood)
  • I apply 6 drops balance oil to my feet, solar plexus and along the base of my spine while I’m drinking the lemon oil. (Balance is grounding, anti anxiety, focusing, calming, back pain. It contains frankincense which benefits every system of the body) 
  • I diffuse on guard to purify the air and keep away pathogens 
  • I diffuse citrus blissful lemongrass in the bathroom because I love the smell and citrus oils are motivating, uplifting and energising and it keeps the room smelling nice after the mornings usage 💩
  • I brush my teeth with a drop of on guard and bicarbonate soda 
  • I apply the beauty blend to my face and massage it in with jojoba oil as a moisturiser and which contains frankincense, lavender, rose, myrrh and helichrysum which can act as a natural sunscreen
  • I have just started using a thyroid blend which I find via deliciously organic containing frankincense, myrrh, lemongrass, basil and clove oil which also supports my adrenal glands.

During the day 

  • I drink 1-2 drops frankincense in a glass of water or under my tongue (King of all oils, crosses blood brain barrier, enhances all other oils and benefits every system of body) frankincense is also high in mono terpenes which is being used to treat and prevent the progression of cancers. Article here 
  • I apply focus blend to the back of my neck or top of my head when Ive got to get stuff done.
  • I clean the kitchen with an antibacterial bench spray made of purified water, 20 drops on guard and 20 drops lavender 
  • I add 1 drop of clove oil or lemon oil to the clothes washing 
  • When we are out I spray mine and the babes hands with an antibacterial spray – lemon oil and on guard with distilled water especially if we have been to any kids playground or play centre etc

At night 

    • I put a few drops of lavender in the bath or on the shower floor 
    • I have the same facial regime at night using the beauty blend
    • I brush my teeth with on guard toothpaste 
    • I always always always apply lavender to my toddler and my own temples and feet before bed
    • If I’m going out or to the gym I apply grounding blend again to my spine to help reduce my back pain (disc injury) 

        We probably go through a 15ml bottle of the most used oils in our household within 6-8 weeks if we all use it every day- majority being lavender, lemon, balance, on guard and frankincense & geranium. What I am purchasing I am earning back in points which I can use to buy more products or pay for shipping. But honestly I am saving money because we are buying less supplements and less practitioner visits! It feels so good to have the control over treating my own and my families health and to know that whatever oils I use there are no side effects and we all benefit not just physiologically but emotionally! 

        I may have forgotten an oil here and there that I’m using but I’ll be sure to add that in in my next post about the oils that are safe to use on babies and children and what I’m using on them currently. Feel free to get in touch via  Instagram if you’d like to know more about essential oils and DoTERRA! 

        Ali x x 

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