Are You Confused?

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Roast Pumpkin and Sage
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Are you confused about what is actually healthy to eat? The truth is, there is so much food out there marketed as “healthy” that it is easy to become confused especially when one “expert” contradicts another “expert”.  Well, last night I attended Nutrient Rich Fitness by Sunrise dietician, Matt O’Neil. Matt’s focus is not on counting calories, but rather, on nutrients. He believes that if your body is getting all the nutrients it needs, your body will function optimally and weight should fall in to place.

For Example: If you begin eating for nutritional value i.e eating an apple as a snack instead of a muffin,  automatically you have saved yourself from consuming an extra 350 calories AND cut back on saturated fats, refined sugars and starches and processed foods, all of which are fattening!

You also don’t need to be confused by “Low Fat” products any longer. Some people worry about the fat content in say, an avocado, but if you really get down to it, the fat is not saturated, and, avocados are high in fibre, so they will fill you up and help you to pass through some of that fat. Not only that, but avocados are high in Vitamin C, E, Carotenoids, Antioxidants, and cholesterol fighting properties, unlike butter, margarine or cheese, which we might use instead of avocado. “Low Fat” products however may be low in saturated fats, but they are usually higher in calories and sugar and chemicals and are depriving people of essential “good” fats that our bodies need.

Currently the globe is heading towards “GLOBESITY” and “MALNUTRITIVE OBESITY”. This is the condition in which people become obese by consuming junk food (non nutritious food) therefore not receiving the nutrients their bodies need to keep their immune systems functioning at optimum level  and therefore becoming overwhelmed by chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease,  all which breed in bodies full of toxins and acids from eating the wrong foods. You actually don’t even have to be overweight – have you heard of the term “skinny fat”??

Here are some suggestions from Matt and from me to help you get more nutrients into your diet:

  • Why don’t you try setting yourself some targets to eat a certain number of food groups per day, balanced with some exercise every day of course! For example: Aim for a couple of pieces of fresh fruit, 5 serves of vegetables, and aim to cut back on other food groups such as fats and starches. In other words, fill up on fruit and vegetables (except potatoes & corn!) You can actually eat very regularly this way too.Say good-bye to diets that starve you of vital food groups and literally leave you feeling starving!
  • You could also try adding fresh raw vegetable and fruit juice first thing in the morning – You will have more energy, less sickness, a glowing complexion and a more controlled appetite and waist line –  just by juicing organic fruit and vegetables every day! How simple is that? You will consume about half your daily requirements just with fresh juice!
  • Eat by colour. Aim to have a certain amount of colours on your plate.

E.g Reds/Purples include capsicum, tomatoes, beetroot, eggplant, purple carrots, cabbage, grapes, apples, berries, chilli

Greens include peas, capsicum, broccoli, spinach, lettuce , cabbage, apples, celery, grapes, cucumber, zucchini

Orange/Yellows include lemons, bananas, capsicum, heirloom tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes , passionfruit etc


Matt O’Neil has also just launched his new website, which offers clear advice and a diet plan to re-wire your metabolism and discover a new level of wellbeing for about $30 per month. Click on the link if you wish to check it out.

If you have any questions regarding this post, leave a comment!

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  1. If you haven’t already, check out an American doco “forks over knives” about how eating whole plant foods greatly reduces cancer and almost all diseases. The medical and scientific proof is astounding!

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