Simple Fast Weight Loss Rules

This week I started a new job. I wake at 4.30am to be at work by 5.30am. (hence the irregularity in my posts! sorry ;(…)  My whole  routine is shattered, which is exciting but also a really frustrating.  I haven’t found a decent place nearby to get a good healthy bite to eat in my break as I am surrounded by the usual lame city Cafe’s that sell weak coffee and banana bread. (I hate it when a cafe is named so & so ‘Cafe’. I mean, is it really necessary???) Anyway when I get home at 2.30pm I am absolutely ravenous. I know I have low blood sugar when all I can think about is muffins and pastries…..  I always try to keep my sugars stable, by eating whole grains and lots of protein, but at 4.30am I really cannot stomach eggs or yoghurt or anything really. (Note to self: always have nuts or a boiled egg or fresh fruit to snack on, otherwise = binge=Uh oh)

I admit, I’ve failed this week, I gave into my cravings too often.  I hope somewhere my determination to get back on the wagon inspires one of you to not give up on your life transforming goals! These simple rules will help you stay on the wagon, but also will give you quick results in losing fat for those times when we need to get back in to shape after an episode….

How about you give it a go for two weeks? What have you got to lose other than….. body fat???

Simple Fat Loss Rules For Quick Results

1. Don’t eat anything that is white. Name every single food that is white and chances are you shouldn’t be eating it: bread, pasta, crackers, most cereals, flour based products, white potatoes, white rice, and pasteurized dairy and cheese are all no-no’s during this time.  (Healthy foods like cauliflower, oats,chicken, turkey, fish, are all exceptions to this rule).

2. Only drink water, NOTHING else! How about coffee? Just to keep any possible withdrawal headaches at bay, one small cup of organic black coffee. Can you add milk?…Well is it white?  Drink a minimum of 1ltr per 25kg  of your bodyweight of water each day (ex. If you weigh 60kg, you need to drink  2.5l).

3. Don’t eat anything pre made or packaged, especially  with the word wheat in the ingredients list.  This includes bread, pasta, crackers and cereal and snack foods.  Make sure to read the ingredients list carefully.

Are you up for this challenge? ?

If you apply these rules for two to three weeks, I know you will see amazing results! And I would love to hear about them!

alison =)

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