I Love Food – The Best Hot Chocolate


 Who doesn’t crave a hot chocolate in the cooler months? Even non chocolate lovers and non sweet tooth’s get a little bit of craving in winter time. .. I know this to be true! Although I am an unashamed chocolate sweet tooth -aholic.

When I’m dying (literally!) for some chocolate, sometimes I have a hot chocolate instead… thinking this will be healthier… And sometimes it is healthier because once I start on a piece of chocolate soon, the whole packet is gone. So this is why I prefer hot chocolate. The milk alone is enough to fill my belly, and I like my hot chocolate to be dark and rich so I satisfy my chocolate craving!

This is my version of a hot chocolate. I use unsweetened organic dutch cocoa powder and the darkest best quality chocolate I can find. (Cocolo is the best, it contains no soy lecithin. Cocolo is a premium Swiss chocolate made from the very finest quality organic cocoa. Velvety, smooth and delicious, Cocolo contains absolutely no refined sugar. Care and dedication has been poured into every ingredient of Cocolo ensuring chocolate lovers of all ages a sophisticated chocolate experience – Guilt Free) This is the stuff that contains the antioxidants , and not the additives and the sugar and the emulsifiers and what ever else they put into the packaged mix stuff…ew gross.

Recipe: Makes 2 cups

4 Pieces loving earth raw chocolate, any flavour 

2 heaped teaspoons raw cacao powder

2 cups your choice of milk

1tsp coconut oil

2 finely chopped or blended medjool dates

Method: Heat the Milk in a saucepan with the dates

Boil some water in kettle 

Chop the chocolate and place in the warm milk so that it melts into the milk

Place a teaspoon of cacao powder in each cup with a little bit of the date and hot water mixture. Mix in the water and cocoa powder to dissolve the powder completely. You don’t want any lumpy bits.

Pour the Milk and chocolate mixture into the cups and sweeten with honey.  (You don’t need much honey if your dark chocolate is very sweet, but try to buy the bitter stuff.)

I was recently told about  tea infused hot chocolate – I tried it, and I love it. Try earl grey tea, peppermint, chai, vanilla. Most people like the peppermint one, since it goes really well with chocolate. Drink while you watch the sun set…. and sigh. It is good to be alive!

check out www.cocolo.com.au
Ali x =)

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