Rule # 3 make it a habit

It’s Wednesday morning. Its cold and rainy and you didn’t go to bed as early as you hoped last night.  Your alarm goes off at 630am, your usual wakeup call to get to the gym for a 30min cardio session before work…. but…you go back to sleep. When you finally rise… you feel, well a bit guilty. So you eat a choc chip muffin for breakfast instead of your usual bowl of healthy Oats.

It’s Friday night. You have just left work. You have a plethora of events planned for your weekend. You are excited and a little bit anxious about it and you feel that a glass of wine is definitely the best foot to start your weekend off on. You normally do a class at the gym on Fridays – but hey – not tonight. You could not be bothered – too much is on your mind.

Do either of these sound like you? Do you wish you could just do what you say you’re going to do and get to the gym and thereby reach your not too far off goals and feel good about yourself and look hot?  Well the number three  rule… is MAKE IT A HABIT.

It takes 21 solid days or approximately three weeks to make a habit. It takes far less to break it.

If you sleep in or if you ditch the gym because your friend is coming over later, make up for it the next day. If you eat peanut butter by the spoon in the middle of the night because you can’t sleep and you have PMS and you feel fat, DONT Listen to your negative thoughts. Dismiss them straight away. Go to the gym or whatever it is that you do for exercise NO MATTER WHAT! Do not stop your routine. Ever. Do not give up! Just do it. Just go. Even if all you can handle is 20 mins or a walk on the treadmill or around your neighborhood you have made it, you have won!

Seriously, what is 20 mins out of your whole entire day??

Every time you practise self-control, it becomes stronger. Every time you give in, you weaken your self-control. Soon enough, your exercise routine will be habitual, just like brushing your teeth. You won’t need to push yourself to do it as much, you just do it.

What do you think? What works for you? What makes you unmotivated? Please comment if you would like some support or want to add to this post!

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  1. Very practical stuff ali .. If struggling to get motivated I find it helps too to visualise how good you’re going to feel once you’ve done the exercise 🙂

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