Rule #2 Do not Overeat

Remember, 80%  of your weight loss results will come from your diet. Drill this essential mantra below into your mind every day! Or even every hour of every day if you need to. Stick it to your fridge. Type it as your screen saver on your PC. Write it on a sticky note and post it to your car sun visor or your ceiling above your bed or the back of the toilet door. Type it into your phone. Write it in your diary. And stick to it!

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat

Do not overeat!

Always nourish your body on healthful nutritious natural and delicious foods! You should eat the best quality food you can possibly afford.Have you ever had a food hangover? It’s sooo not worth it, is it?

I love this amazing tomato and bufalo cheese salad below. I will put the recipe up for you all in my next post.

I absolutely love going to:

They do the best wraps and juices and the amazing Haloumi Burger. This is where I go when I’m really really hungry… so I can eat lots without the guilt…. The breakfast menu is massive too.


Iku is where you can find the tastiest sushi rolls and interesting flavours. I love the rice pockets! So addictive!

I know this maybe a little difficult to get to for some of you, but it is worth visiting on a weekend (then you can hit the shops on crown street!). It is the kind of food that reminds me of Byron Bay, where a lot of love is put into the menu to create mouth-watering healthy food. Also, it is so hard to find an organic cafe that offers meat dishes on the menu! They have an awesome lunch time selection of beef ragu, lamb tagine, chicken broth etc…. and great Toby’s Estate coffee.

In good health…..

DIY Wholefoods feast

Alison =)


  1. Wow, awesome post, the food looks awesome, makes me feel hungry- but for healthy food. I’ll definitely have to try these places out it all looks delicious…

  2. mm wholefoods feasts are amazing, would love to do it more often .. Thanks for sharing your passion with us, it’s inspiring

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