Full of (juicy) Beans…

Hello World alright! I feel amazing! I have been converted from my regular morning coffees with milk to a litre of water followed by raw vegetable/fruit juice first thing in the morning. Seriously I feel like I could jump out of bed and start exercising right there in my pyjamas when the alarm goes off and even my skin is glowing. (Well much more than it used to be… it’s not quite your peaches ‘n’ cream complexion… YET) I have all this energy… even I don’t know what to do with it!full of beans

Now when I say raw juice, it has to be organic. You don’t want all those pesticides ruining your good work, and organic food just tastes better. Really. And you know what I love about juicing? I love the crunching and squashing of the veggies and totally smashing them to smithereens. I don’t think that is a real word. Anyway, if I were you, I would try this. You can pick up a fresh juice from health food shops for about $4. Otherwise, invest some money in a good quality juice extractor, like the ones Vitality For Life make. Check out www.vitality4life.com.au . And if you need some good quality organic vegetables, www.organicgrocer.com.au delivers them in a refridgerated van right to your door every week around Sydney.

Now why did I suddenly decide to give up the love of my life & ritual (my morning coffee!) for a messy more expensive one?? All I can say to you is this: If you are remotely interested in your health, in looking and feeling better, then you must see the documentary Food Matters. Check out www.foodmatters.tv.

In good health….

Alison xo


  1. Alison! You have inspired ME! I drank fresh squeezed juice this morning (OK, and a hot chocolate). However, tomorrow maybe I can drop the milk product all together….

  2. Too true! Ive taken up your suggestion and have been drinking 1 litre of water first thing every morning. At first it felt like I would need a funnel to get it all down, but its great!! I definitely feel much healthier from doing it. Its not a masive thing to do each morning, but it sure has great results… It also gives me some extra exercise because I usually have to sprint to the toilets by the time I arrive at work in the morning!

    • Great! If you get up earlY enough, you can drink it slow. There’s no need to guzzle it all in one go…. I know you just want to get it over and done with though. Have you noticed feeling hydrated for the rest of the day as well?

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