Boxing your way to fitness

I didn’t really like the idea of boxing for a long time. I couldn’t really think outside my usual routine of jogging and well, running… I didn’t realise how bored I was with my cardio routine. And I thought jogging was all I needed to be fit.

I didn’t try boxing until I actually started teaching it.. . and it is a lot more fun kicking and punching something than staring at the gym wall for 30mins on a treadmill….( i don’t know how those people read magazines while they jog on the treadmill… It makes me motion sick)

Anyway boxing is not necessarily about aggression. It’s just an excellent workout that, like all forms of exercise, can act as an emotional release.  Now I don’t mean you are going to have uncontrollable fits of  crying and sobbing during, rather, you will release stress and anxiety. But if that brings on some tears then I say “Good on YOU!” You must have really needed it. Blood sweat and tears are all good when I train you. Ok maybe not the blood . . . .

Anyway, boxing is great a cardio exercise, which stimulates our emotional release as it releases endorphins into our bloodstream. I’m sure we’ve all heard of this. But this applies to current and long-term exerciser’s as well. It is such a refreshing change if you have been doing the same routine for some time. (or in my case almost all my life).

Other benefits of boxing include

  • Optimal fat burning (you have potential to burn up to 600 calories per hr)
  • Builds fitness endurance (you can exercise for longer)
  • Encourages core strength for good posture and is a great abs workout.
  • Toning arms and upper body
  • Promotes wellbeing and co-ordination

You can do boxing anywhere and anytime. It’s really popular at the moment to do it during lunch breaks in the park for those that are working. You only need a set of inner gloves which cost around $5 and a set of boxing gloves which can vary in price from $35-$90.I like these!

Leather gloves are best, and they need to fit you well. There is a shop in Neutral Bay,called Olympus sports, in The Grove shopping centre on Military rd which have a good range.

Contact me to find out when & where my next 1/2 hr boxing group is!

“We never fail anything until we stop trying.”

In good health…. Alison xoo

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